Meet our influencer - Ayesha

Hey there! I'm Ayesha Pervaiz, aka active.ayesh, and I'm honored to represent Nihayah. My fitness journey started with a mission: inspire sisters to prioritize physical and mental well-being through movement.

In 2023, I had a revelation about the profound impact of fitness on overall well-being. As a South Asian woman without fitness role models, stepping into the gym was intimidating. Through my platform, I aim to reassure sisters that the gym is not a daunting place but a gateway to a newfound love for fitness.

Fitness, to me, transcends aesthetics and cultural boundaries. Every woman, regardless of background, deserves to feel empowered in her fitness journey. Strength isn't just about lifting weights; it's about inner resilience and empowerment.

Nihayah is more than fitness; it's a reminder that this life is temporary. It urges us to strive till the end without compromising our akhira. May Allah grant us strength in our journey. Here's to breaking barriers, embracing strength, and thriving in this world and the next.