Meet our influencer - Zara

Hey there, I'm Zara, a 24-year-old Londoner who recently traded the city of London for the charms of the North. My roots? Well, I'm proudly a mix of Greek Cypriot and Iraqi, bringing a bit of everywhere with me.
Now, lets start with the journey that led me to where I am. Picture this: a happy-go-lucky kid dubbed the 'tom-boy' of the family. From the moment I took my first steps, my mum had me dabbling in football, ballet, jiujitsu, basketball – you name it.

Fast forward to my teenage years, where I found a love for playing basketball competitively. But then, I started wearing the hijab, and suddenly, I felt too self-conscious to go back on court as a hijabi. Back then, there was a lack of representation for Muslim girls in hijab, and social media wasn't the powerhouse it is today. Afraid of standing out, I reluctantly stepped away from the sport I loved, and my love for exercise took a nosedive, impacting my mental health.

Nihayah, meaning the end goal is more than a brand to me. I began my fitness account (shoutout to @zuzuxfit) as a way for those who, like me, have fought their demons. Mental health can be a hush-hush topic in the classic Middle Eastern household, making it tough to open up or seek help.
My mission? Break the mold. I'm all about urging people, regardless of race, culture, or religion, to claim their space. Let's carve out a niche in the fitness world for Muslims – a place where faith thrives without surrendering to cultural constraints. I'm here to empower you to be the best version of yourself, no compromises needed. 💪